Improve Drupal frontend performance

25 January, 2014
Site requests waterfall

The users love have fast site response and see the content of page visibile as fast as possible. The site responsiveness can be subdived in two elemens, the speed of webserver to generate the HTML apge and the time that browser need to parse the HTML page, download the assets and render the content.

With this post we can see how to reduce the time that the browser need to download the CSS and JS in a Drupal website.

Extend Phing tasks with custom code

11 January, 2014
Create custom phing task to upload S3 files.

I use phing to manage task in my projects; phing is a task manager build in PHP that use XML configuration file. Phing is delivered with a large amount of task available, but sometime they are not sufficient and is required extend or create new one.

On refactoring of my blog I used S3 to store files, but the phing task do no support some feature that I require (set max-age and gzip headers). I resolved this issues extending phing task, let me explain what I do.

How to create a new console command in sculpin

04 January, 2014
Add a new command in sclipin CLI, make it easy!

Some days ago I start to rewrite my blog using a static site generator. I start to investigate this opportunity some months ago and after looking other tools like Jekyll, Octopress and Sphinx. After some test and investigation I moved to Sculpin, a REALLY nice PHP static site generator based on Symfony components.

I start to extend Sculpin to have a better productive environmet, like some helper to improve editor activity. To do that I create a new Editor Bundle that help start creating a new content. In this post we investigate how to create a new CLI commands in Sculpin.